Having carried out a seven year total restoration of my ’33 Aero Minx I knew that to do the job justice the interior trim should be carried out by a professional firm. I had seen the work that Alan and Richard had been doing when they were out at South Stoke, I was working very nearby at the time and couldn’t resist nosing round the workshops there whenever I got the opportunity. I was so pleased when I realised that they had moved much nearer to me in Newbury and was able to drive the car over to them. Being desperate to try to rein in my costs as one tends to do toward the end of a lengthy project I attempted to limit their input to just the bits I simply couldn’t do. This proved to be a misplaced idea and one look at the standard of work that the team produced right from the start quickly persuaded me to just let them get on with it. The finished result is so very good and far beyond my initial expectations that I could not be happier. The interior is of a show winning standard while still being a practical usable space. Thank you Richard, Alan and the rest of the crew. Good job.

Icing on the cake