We are very privileged to be entrusted with treasured vintage Bugattis by our clients throughout the world. Our highly-skilled engineers and technicians are amongst the best in the world when it comes to restoring, servicing and repairing these most iconic vehicles. However, when it comes to upholstery and coach trimming, this is a skill-set that we do not possess and we contract out.

We have been working with Geater Coachtrimmers for over 20 years and we have never had to consider looking for alternative companies to carry out the very specialist work that they do so meticulously well.

We have sympathetically and authentically restored hundreds of vintage vehicles on behalf of our clients. Projects have ranged from complicated ‘starting-from-scratch barn finds’, to simple servicing and repairs. We are very proud of the fact that we have made the dreams of so many of our clients become reality but in many cases we have done this with the great help, skills and expertise of Alan and Richard at Geater Coachtrimmers.

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