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Other Services

As well  as the work we do on Vintage Classics and modern Vehicles as Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers , we are also able to offer many other trimming and upholstery services. This can range from trimming and upholstery for motorbikes and office furniture to presentation boxes plus so much more.

Take a look at some of the images below, some showing before and after;


  • Replacement and Repairs to a variety of leatherwork/fabric
  • Foam repairs of seats and seat cushions and tailoring to the customers specific specification
  • Hood replacement/fitment
  • Renovations to interior trims, upholstery and surfaces including cleaning
  • Cigarette burn repairs
  • Complete steering wheel retrims
  • Motorbike seat renovations and repairs including repadding as well as retrimming


Our unrivalled quality and precise attention to detail means we’ll deliver results of the highest qulaity whatever your project.

Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
Motorbike seat retrim
Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
Office chair re-upholstery
Watch box trimming
Steering wheel retrim
Steering wheel retrims
Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers
VW Camper
VW Camper

Whilst specialising in traditional coachtrimming we are still trying to remain a local trim shop. We work with both commercial clients and private individuals and the list of services and application of our skill set covers a wide range of areas. We’ve been involved in Campervan conversions, motorhomes, motorcycle seats, mobility conversions, restaurant re-fits, boat upholstery and panelling and even aircraft upholstering to name just a few.

Have you got a trim or upholstery issue that’s something a bit different from traditional classic vehicle coachtrimming? If so we may be able to help. Over the 50+ years of trading, the variety of work we have been tasked with is vast. We’ve retrimmed everything from steering wheels to vintage high chairs. So we’ve a world of experience in bespoke items that require that extra special level of craftmanship and detail.  Feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your project. For more information on our services as Vintage Vehicle Coachtrimmers, to enquire about our other services or to request a free quotation, please call us on 01635 867829 or email

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