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Recent Projects

Below are some of our Classic Coachtrimming recent projects we have completed, or are in the middle of completing. We thank all our customers for their kind permission to use these pictures.

Something a bit special

We’ve just recently finished something a bit special, a 1911 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost open drive Limousine by Grosvenor. Chassis number: 1524. Registration number: BF 8376.

This sums up in one project just what Geater Coachtrimmers are all about; the type of work completed, our attention to detail and the quality of the finished work.

The front of the car is trimmed in Aubergine leather matching the coachwork.

To the rear is purple bedford cord with custom made Brocade window pulls & door accents to complete the ensemble. A period Brass footwarmer is stored under the cabinet.

The roof of the car is trimmed in West of England cloth with a sunburst motif theme in radiating lines from a cental oval. Purple wilton carpets are fitted front & rear & also cover the foot warmer.

The car was up for sale at a cool £1,425,000.00. Visit for more information.

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